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最近思うこと*Something that I often considering recently.

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About 13 years ago, a number of people I knew were in the same profession. Now those people are no longer my peers (many of them have quit), but at the time, many of them often had problems with clients coming to them. I was like, “Wow, who would be like that?” I heard many stories from these women about clients who were so bad that I thought, “Oh my God, who is that?

Did they think that their clients would accept anything just because they were therapists or healers? Or did they think that since they were the clients, they should be treated like gods?

When I think about such things, I realized again at the time that the people who come to my sessions are really sensible and very good people, and more than 13 years have passed since then, and I still have good people coming to me. The people who seem to have a hard time, as people in my industry used to say, have not come to me at all.

I basically dislike people who blame others. I also dislike people who only think about what they can get out of it, or people who criticize others all the time.

For example, people who blame others for their own unhappiness or the fact that things are not running smoothly.

I think they don't want to admit that they themselves are causing things to stagnate.

People who complain endlessly and then say, “Oh, I feel so much better now! I feel so much better!

I think it's not so much that they have never put themselves in the shoes of those who listen to's more that they are negative by nature, so they cannot recognize the low energy level of their complaints, and they cannot realize that complaining is the same as throwing negative energy at the person they are complaining to. I think that is the same as throwing negative energy at the other person.

I think everyone hates people who criticize all the time.

They have nothing to gain and are not constructive at all.

I like people who have a goal or something they want to achieve and work hard toward it.

That varies from person to person, of course, but for example, a company thrives and seizes opportunities in the business they are conducting. If you are a working person, it could be an increase in salary or bonus, or getting the position you want to hold. For example, meeting the love of your life, getting married, moving to a place you love and owning a house, or getting out of a difficult situation quickly and living the life you want. I love to see people get the future they want, whether it is big or small.

On the other hand, people who have those desires but don't make any effort and just wait and see, I don't think their energy matches mine at all. I am basically an acquisition person myself.

I support people who have some goal or something they want to achieve and work towards it.



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